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Rainy Day…

PeCaPeCa….it was a rainy day yesterday so I crafted alittle and cleaned out some more crafting material that was cluttering up my stuff…I got a strob light for the reaper..so cool..a dollar of course…and I made this little ghost piece…too cute…image

If it don’t rain today I’m going to make some more ghost to sell Saturday..

I am working on a commissioned piece..I don’t like to do these but this lady is persistent..that I do her another art piece..soooo..I’m coming up with a totally different idea than she is expecting..it’s for her daughter that’s a designer of clothes..I made a pair of sicissors..spools of thread..pencils and I got some material..I want to make a table with designer inspiration and a doll with a dress that her daughter was designing..here’s what I got so far…let you know how that goes…she also has a couple more projects in mind…Hmmm…can’t stand the pressure..LOL!image

Well..Daddy and Bella are standing at the door..waiting for their ride…that’s all I got..sending you this most wonderful Tuesday..


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