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Done it..

PeCaPeCa…the crafting Gods were with me…finished my commissioned piece yesterday…and I’m no dress designer but I think it turned out…pretty good…I wanted to use this piece of material that Amy L. Had put in a give me box…it has inspirational words on it…it wasn’t quite long enough but I made it do….first is the pic that the lady gave me to go by… And then the idea I came up with…an inspiration box and doll…

And I have one more surprize I made for Katy n Josh for a wedding present…I can’t post the pic cause sometimes she reads the blog…after October 22nd..ill post…I think I may have a money maker in the future. Cause this got a double Stinken cute from Amy L….and I think it’s pretty darn cute myself…sorry to tease you…

I also made another ghost scene…and some more ghost..image

i think I’m through crafting for Saturday’s Market….

Have you been outside this morning…it is an Ahhhh! Cool Morn’…love these kinda mornings…Fall is in the air…no more sweating and I’m HOT kinda days..I told someone at the market if I complained about being cold just shoot me…

Today is laundry day…

Daddy and Bella are waiting for their ride…that’s all I got…sending you a blessed Hump Day…

Oh…I found this in my yard..image



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