PeCaPeCa…’s that good ole day of the week…a fresh start for some..a dreaded for others…but for me…I am going to to do my best to live it to its fullest…always…

Yesterday turned out to be to HOT for anything…I am wanting some more Fall…I did manage to open up the Doll Hospital to repair some of my friends dolls…made a permanent stand for winter joy and a new pipe…and for another I just made a whole new doll…to replace her old devil…I made a she devil…

And my most favorite dog..Clyde..I pay tribute to him..he passed away yesterday…so sad…he was the best…he was Goodegg and Amy L.’s baby…image

And Goodegg and Amy L.did some work in their flower beds…clean all the old and all new stuff…I taught them looks fabulous…

And I got a whole week with my JonBoy….Yeah!!!!

And we went to Santa’s granddaughters wedding Saturday…look how handsome MY Santa is..image

thats all I got…sending you the most awesome Monday


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