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PeCaPeCa…well..I skipped a day of writing cause I was on a mission….and you know if you sit down it will not get done…so I started as soon as I got back from taking daddy to BoTime….it was our bedroom…everything took out and cleaned…yes..even under the bed…OMG!…my hair..dog hair..dust..and what ever else is in that strange pile you dump out of the vaccum…..I even dusted…anyway…that’s were I was…

And the rest of my day was spent doing this…I had some left over colored Clay soo this happened…the sun and a moon…maybe someone will want it..if not it will continue to hang around for my pleasure…LOL!..call me crazy..I know you do anyway…

My week with JonBoy has been a hit and a miss…first night we spent time together…then haven’t seen much of him..he works late and then had to spend some time with his dad…it’s quite OK…knowing he’s sleeping in the next room is good enough…I let him know what’s for supper and doing his laundry…and he knows he is loved…

And My Just Ben sent in some pics of his morning adventures…no that is not a bear..it’s his dog…and yes they do poop in the woods…LOL!..

Thank you Just Ben for your pics…

Goodegg and Amy L. jumped right back in …they got them another snickerdoodle dog..her name is Bonnie..no pic yet…if you had a Clyde..you gotta have a Bonnie..

thats all I got..keep the pics a coming..I love hearing from all of you….sending you a terrific Thursday….


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