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PeCaPeCa….I don’t usually say any polical views at all but I watched the first ten minutes of the debate..and I was over the Clown Show…Really?…this great country we love and live is going to Hell in a hand basket…that’s all…

Now…back to my world I live in…The dollar tree put out some more Halloween stuff..I got lucky and found a black lit pumpkin for my duo …then I found some more skulls in my craft drawer I had forgotten about…I think I’m Out of Control…look at this guy…

working on his mate today…


And look at this cute pair…Bonnie n Hank..Amy L. And Goodeggs new babies…toooo cute…

One more day till payday..I am down to the last dollars…look out tomorrow…I’ll be rich for about ten minutes…LOL

thats all I got….sending you a very Happy Tuesday…



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