PeCaPeCa…yep..just checked my balance and the checks are in…soooo you know what I’m doing today…shopping and paying them bills…got a few extra bills this month so it’s going to be a tight month..but it’s all works out everytime…

I am so proud of this Halloween decor I finished yesterday…it may just be my favorite…it’s all in the details…

and I made one more lil pumpkin peeps…cute..I say…image


i am getting greared up for the MumFest…my Amy L. Helped me out on a printed paper for the table…it looks awesome.image.the market will have a booth at the gallery Store downtown to help advertise for the market…they will have samples of our craft and discount tickets for you to bring with you to shop…it’s a win win situation…make that plan…tickets cost nothing…FREE…FREE..

well “…that’s all I got…sending you the most awesome Hump Day…


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