Junk Food….

PeCaPeCa..there is no doubt..the Jack n the Box Home is a total Junk Food Junkie…yes…Daddy included…well..when I went shopping yesterday..I had a different approach…no snacks at Walmart…just inportant stuff…sooo..I went to dollar tree instead to by crap food…I stocked up and it was like a party in the house when I finished unpacking…we all eat so much stuff that I didn’t have to cook supper…Yeah..for me….this will be my snack food store everytime now…deals..deals…deals..for a dollar…

and this week I helped daddy prepare for his talk at church on Wednesday night…Genesis 1..2..3….I even learned a couple things…and I’m one of those I don’t comprehend unless I read a loud…well..I didn’t have any problem with that…no teacher telling me..to read silently..or get punished cause I didn’t…

I had great fun shopping yesterday and another day will be today…didn’t get to finish a few things so I’m going again with Santa..Michaels is having a fifty per cent on one item and that’s all I need..CLAY…

an undate on our Jeese Wayne…I did believe he’s getting his biters in…too cute and look at that smile…image

thats all I got sending you the greatest day TODAY…let’s smile like Jeese today…



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