PeCaPeCa…yes…that’s what you do when there’s nothing else you want to do…Crafting….I call these the Smokin’Pipe Elfies…Cute ..I say…

and this storm is a mystery to even the weather guys..sooooo..confusing…is is coming or not…that’s is the question of the next few days…

Other than that…life is good in the Jack n the Box…speaking of box..I can let you in on a secret now…Gail got a puppy…her name is Reba…sister to Goodegg and Amy L.’s puppy..Gail says she was talked into it but we all know..Gail is a sucker for animals..always has been …LOL!…she use to bring home anything and everything…Mom and Daddy were always excepting as long as it didn’t stay in the house…another laugh out loud moment..ssee..I can keep a secret when told…image

enjoy having my JonBoy Home again….he will be leaving for his home tomorrow..

thats all I got…sending you the mostest Happy Hump Day…



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