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Late Start…

PeCaPeCa…sorry I’m late cause I know how your morning goes without my words ringing in your head with that morning coffee…LOL!

anyway…Bella and I got busted by the cops for going to the lake on Simmons..he told me that it was private property and he just knew they they wouldn’t appreciate me on it…and yes I did want to get smart mouth but I held my respect for him…cause they are there on it all the time with a whole lot more peeps…so..Bella and I were on the hunt for another private place…I found it..still in my morning route…please don’t tell me to go to a dog park…I did..and was approached in high speed four dogs..with their owners just standing there watching it all happen…I left…and the one at glenburnie is a member thing…I have throughly been on the hunt…

Today Santa is working on my car to make sure all fluids are full and up to date…for my trip…I do love my grease monkey…LOL!

and for me…Daddy a much needed haircut…that’s it for the Jack n the Box…sending you all the blessings of this day given…


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