PeCaPeCa…sorry..bout yesterday’s blog but I was on a mission early….all my time was spent on getting to my Raleigh Family and this Awesome wedding that is today…Katy is in full sunshine…and that’s what she is know for..her light that shines so bright from her inner sweet soul…I took a lot of pics on the setting up…everyone did there job assigned and did it to perfection….and I’m hoping my blog pics will cooperate in posting….there are many activities for her guest…advice cards..a couch made of hay bales for personal pics..and a Magnifacent guilt Our Gail made..that the guest can write a memory on is awesome… and such a lovely place to just be’s a real working farm..a goat farm where that make cheese to sell..and of course a wedding…it’s all KATY..and she did good in picking her magical day…so here goes those pics….well..I couldn’t get them all to download but you can get the jest ..


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