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PeCaPeCa…as it is so nice to visit with my Raleigh Family…there’s no,place like home…this time…I had Daddy to ride with me …Yes..he spent the night also…and that’s rare…and he did his trip up,right…Breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then off to the fair with Megster and Goodegg..OMG!..he was a ninety year old kid…and ate all the crap he could hold…he could not stop talking about his FUN filled weekend…Priceless..Oh..Yes..we got pics..the cutest one is with his great grandson Jeese Wayne..in the walker basket taking a ride…too Fun…he also got a new hat and used a portapottie for the first time..outhouse …yes but portapottie is a first at ninety…

Well..it’s Monday and back to the daily grind…laundry..Homecleaning and yes cooking…

we all were treated like Kings and Queens for the wedding weekend…that’s all I got…sending you a great start to your week…



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