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Wonderful Day…

PeCaPeCa…I was just sitting here thinking about how I type still. And it took me back to my Corner Grill Days…alittle smile of happiness came over me…it always does when I think of those days…

Yesterday was a FUNDAY for Santa and I..we even got me some dog walking boots..now…I didn’t go for pretty..I went practical…they ugly but hopeful for keeping my feet dry in the high grass and stepping on a snake…my worst fear…image

Freezer and cabinets full…snack overload..we are happy campers in the Jack n the Box..and yesDaddy got his table full of snacks…I think we tried some of all of it…LOL!

Today is a blood day for daddy..he’s not liking missing BoTime early…it’s a fasting blood day but there’s always afterwards ..cause I got a plan…Lol!

thats all I got…sending you lots of love today…


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