It ’twas a good day…

PeCaPeCa….things started out slow at the market but then it exploded with all kinds of Halloween peeps and buyers…I sold almost all my Halloween stuff..gave a few pieces away at the end of the day..only had one witch left…I was HAPPY..made me some dollars and had fun…I was ask to get lots of pics..did my best..parents were cooperative in letting me post their kid on my blog…don’t blame them a bit about being here goes the kids and we got a couple of adults in there ..

It’twas a good day for all….thanx to everyone…

Some of my pics are being stubborn…still trying cause my just ben wanted lots of pics ..Grrrr!!!!!!!…I give up maybe later I can get the last seven to download..just know it ’twas a fun good day..

thats all I got ..sending you the greatest of days given..


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