Sad News in the Jack n the Box…

PeCaPeCa….I am so sad today…my peacock car is on it’s last leg of it’s journey…it was a gift from Amy L. And Goodegg…I think it was about four years ago…I have been very thankful everyday…but yesterday..the transmission did some funky stuff while daddy and I were on our outing…called Santa and he switched cars with me..I am now officially in the van..Santa is going to do his best to see if the Peacock car can be fixed but it looks doubtful…it’s a lot of money to fix transmission…keep you posted on the full death…LOL!..or revival..

Well..daddy hadn’t been to the big Wally World in a while and he wanted to go yesterday to my surprize…toiletries were needed for his trip…he was give out when we finished our shop…he said least I got a good walk in for the day…I didn’t think he was going to make it…them lil skinny legs was just a gettin’it…too funny…

Tomorrow is Market day…make a plan to come and see what you been missing…I got lots of Elfies and characters…come support your small business’s…and yes we are recognized as a small business…we got government numbers so that makes it official..right?…you know they got to get some of your hard earned money….anyway…hope to see some of you downtown….

thats all I got….sending you a fabulous Friday….



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