Up n’READY……….

PeCaPeCa…Yep…I am ready for my big day or weekend…cause it’s a two dater event…

I want to have record sales and record making  stories….come down town for some FUN…..

Well..we have heard from the travelers…Gail says Daddy is having a good time…and that’s all that matters to me..but I do miss him…the bathroom is wide open for usage anytime during the night..and day….Lol…and my dish towel stays in middle of the sink..his reason for the his place is cause it won’t sour but what he don’t realize is ..that as long as there’s clorax..ain’t no souring…bathroom rags too…LOL!!!

I got a real nice surprize yesterday…my JonBoy stopped by..he was in town for a minute..made us lunch and I packed gifts for my Jen and the babies…and I even got a small package for the porch…OH! YEAH!…

thats all I got…sending you a Fun Saturday in whatever your choice…


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