Round two Today….

PeCaPeCa….Scored on the first day of fest….sold a lot and bought one six foot Christmas ..he made me a deal I couldn’t refuse..mermaid and some cash for a tree…image

I have been wanting one of these ever since I saw them on Pintrest…even ask my Jonboy to make me one..when he was into drift wood for awhile….well I got one…Happy…met a lot of new peeps and the kids just had a good time Looking at all the Elfies and picking out their was an enjoyable day…long but enjoyable…today the fest starts at 10 and the market will be open at 10 to 5…you still have a chance for a deal…the weather was cool but not unbearable…just put some more clothes on and come on down…

Daddy is still on his trip…don’t know if ¬†heading home today or tomorrow……but he’s having a great time…

I posted a video of some pics of him and got some great responses from our friends family and customers…can’t get posted here but it’s on Facebook if you want to see..

I am so greatful for those days…

thats all I got…sending you a happy Sunady…come on down to the fest..fight the traffic and the will be fun..”they say”




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