Happy Hump Day ..already

PeCaPeCa…fresh beds and laundry…check…today will be vacuuming and yes..that dreaded chore..dusting….ugh!….

i started working on a Santa last night..he is got it all…a bag full of real things..a train.and track…a ornament and a gold peace coin…oh yes..elf friend on his shoulder..I also made his boots…got to go and get some more red fluffy stuff to finish him off…toooooo cute…I love using some of my vendor friends stuff on my dolls..ms.Carol made the elf..please stop by her booth and check the Christmas ornaments out..inexpensive thinking of you gifts…Oh..I’m now making fairies in a bag..pic later…

i was ask Saturday if I order the heads and stuff…No..I make everything made of clay..on the dolls…just saying…

well..Home is back to its norm…Daddy doing his doodling stuff..in the kitchen and porch sitting …oh and BoTime…

thats all I got..sending you the Happiest of Hump Day…



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