Always an Adventure….

PeCaPeCa…Today on Bella and i’s walk we found a bike…someone didn’t hide it well if they stole it…cause we are the finder…if anyone knows,of a needy kid for a bike let me know…probably a ten to twelve year old size…pic tomorrow…

Daddy has been in the kitchen for two days already a baking and cooking…collards..potato salad two pies and still more to go…and he’s sick ….so there might be some extra Liguid…LOL!…he is no happier than when he’s in that kitchen..image

And our talented Taylor painted a self portrait …she has been doing arts n crafts since she was old enough to hold crayon…I love it…image

And my friend Kim..brought me a bag FULL of secret treasures for my dolls…I have the best crafting friends…thank you…

And today is payday for me and a Happy Hump Day…

Rich for a day….LOL!

And I made a couple more of Elfies…got to get more clay…I don’t feel like I have done my best til I use every drop of clay…

thats all I got…sending you all the blessings you deserve on this day given




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