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Trying a Tuesday….

PeCaPeCa…well..I’m giving the Market a try on a Tuesday…taking all Christmas and Amy L.’s new items..she is making handcut paper albums..any occasion..they are awesome..come check it out…10 til 2….

the Rv is out and its a officially Christmas in the Jack n the Box….image

Santa and I decorated our hearts out yesterday with Daddy and Bella in the mix of all the containers and a few ….are you going to put more lights on that…LOL!…and the Peacock isn’t flying any more but she’s dressed for the season..image

and My Just Ben and Amanda gave me my gift…they have a special place for the Santa I sent them last year…I am so proud that my craft is being used…making memories after I’m gone..LOL…it looks so awesome…and their tree is awesome…

That’s all I got and if you want to beat the Christmas rush..come to the market on Tuesdays…


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