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Rant n Sickie…

PeCaPeCa…Monday is not starting out too good…I have a sist on my neck and it has flared it’s ugly head…got to call doc…I hate needles and knives…and I know that’s what it’s going to be…it’s a pain in my neck..alittle humor in that..get it?

anyway..I have a rant..maybe not a rant but disappointment…I was commisioned to to do an art piece and this is what I had to go by…and I know nothing about the subject except she’s a athlete in swimming and she has brownish hair…image

and this is what my artistic mind came up with..I have been alittle stressed doing this piece..even got my JonBoy’s help but to no avail…I am not a perfectionist nor am I real life like clay person…

needless to say..she hated it…so I am keeping this on my desk to remind me to NOT DO COMMISIONED PIECES…anymore…

thats all I got on that…

Its going to be a rainie day..cold and wet..I hate these kinda days…depressing…

ok…that’s all I got…sending you a Monday with nothing but good things




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