Been Buzy this morning…

PeCaPeCa…sorry…I’m so late for my morning coffee readers but I have been DUSTING…vaccuming and laundry…no time for I’m on a break…well..I am quite concerned for Daddy and he is worried about himself…also…the ulcer was bleeding in two places..Dr.Bryd clamped the two off and took him off his aspirin…for two weeks and that’s the only blood thinner he was on…that’s the part I’m worried about and Daddy is concerned that he may have to surgery …please keep us all in your prayers..that God will uplift all the above and we can rest easy…image

Now…you won’t believe this one…I made another doll for the persistent lady…and all she wanted was one of my original dolls with styro head…she loves loves this one…I didnot give up…and it paid off..I earned this twenty well…she even ask if I put the water on it..would it be more…too much..lady…I told her worries…I’ll take another tote….she just take another pill and a glass of wine and we all will be happy…it all ended well…

Saturday is going to be COLD..but don’t let that stop you from coming on down to shop..we got heaters this year..and they do quite well…hoping to get a couple more Elfies made if I get my laundry finished and guess what?…another glue gun down…there goes my twenty I just made…there is always something in crafting…

dont forget ..I got some of My Amy L.’s goodies..I will have more soon…just check it out..please…

As far as my neck …’s draining infection..I do have a pic but I think it might be to graphic according to my boys and Amy l. Cause I sent it to them and got some odd reviews..jonboy almost threw up and Amy l. Was getting ready to eat supper and my just ben…was a OH MY…just letting you know all the news in the jack n the Box…no secrets here cause you know you want to know…LOL!

thats all I got…sending you a thrilling Thursday….




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