I am at Awe…..

PeCaPeCa…..yep…I just can’t wrap my head around how my dolls have impressed so many this year…just got a request for another Christmas Elfie…a lady bought one Saturday and sent me an email for wanting another…AND another lady said she just two of my Elfies in someone’s home in the homes Christmas tour…life and crafts don’t get any better than this…Thank You to all my Peeps…

well..I had a little bored time yesterday and I found this clown hat in my secret treasures…so I said to myself..why not give it a whirl…and this is what I came up with…

And of course Daddy has been a baking…I have FruitCake to give out Saturday..now this ain’t your ordinary fruitcake….his is better…and I don’t like fruitcake either but I’ll eat his…lol…

and I made some fudge..ill bring some of that also…that’s all I got..cause Bella and daddy are at the door…sending a terrific Thursday…


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