It’s Friday..Peeps

PeCaPeCa….well I said I wasn’t going to make anymore Elfies but upon request…three more done…and I know I got at least one sold tomorrow…

Also My Lil Friends..Jai and Jensen have named their Elfie..Nellie after their grandma..hanging pretty…imageAnd the clown goes to my cuz..mona…I had forgotten she collects clowns…didn’t know she still did…so it’s hers…signed and dated so she can remember me after I’m gone…lol

remenber to come out tomorrow to the Market…we have one more Tuesday and Christmas Eve to shop for that special gift for that special someone…get them something handmade and one of kind this year…surprize them…

i will have fruit cake and fudge to give away while you gaze at the Elfies…one might just speak to you…”take me home”……..

what is going on with this crazy weather…cold one day..warm the next..confusing the trees..our fig tree has sprouted leaves…crazy..

thats all I got…sending you a spectacular Friday…




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