It’s getting close…

PeCaPeca..for some odd reason I can’t get my iPad to work to write my blog soooo the phone I go..

I was so excited about my day at the market I forgot a few happenings..

Daddy had a visit from the great grandson..Noah..look at this cute boy…and of course his handsome dad..Russell jr. Would be so proud..I know daddy is..

He also had his annual visit from his granddaughter..

Today I’m running to the bank..with my!…you know what I’m going to buy………..,.

My daddy some new might think I’m horriable but the truth is I thought he would pass before needing another pair..he has decided he wants Sunday shoes..I bought him a pair of wingtips after mom passed..and that was about ten years now it’s time for a new pair..Amy L and I are going to pool our dollars for his new shoes..maybe we can get him some everyday kind also..he wears nothing but rock ports..lots of dollars they are..Nothing is to much for our daddy…oh..he thought he would be gone by now too..that’s where I get it don’t think I’m bad for saying it..we talk about AD all the time..

Well..tomorrow is tuesday market for those last minute gifts..make a plan.. I’m already packed..don’t have many elfies left so I’m taking some of my regular dolls and Amy l’s stuff..still plenty to pick from..come on down and we will be there Christmas Eve ..Saturday 

That’s all I got..sending you the most wonderful Monday..


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