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Tuesday Market…

PeCaPeCa…I know it’s cold and damp but I think that makes good shopping weather..the market has some warmth and the vendors greet you with their warm hearts…great combination for some great shopping…come on down and see us….

and look at this first Christmas smile on our Jeese Wayne…image

well…I went shopping yesterday and we got daddy both pairs of shoes…Sunday and everyday…one pair from Santa and I and the other from Amy l. And Goodegg…I am so happy…he will be surprized on Christmas morn..yes..I had to wrap them cause he loves to open presents…let me warn the rest of the family…all was spent on daddy so no presents for you….LOL!…it’s all about Daddy….

God is good….

thats all I got…sending you a happy shopping day whether at the market or downtown or anywhere else…be safe…out there…

P.S.happy Aday to My Just Ben n Amanda..number 13…



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