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PeCaPeCa…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL from the jack n the box…and Screamin’Peacock Dolls and TayTayFancypantsGiftEmporium…hoping for a morning of gifts..and thankfulness for the true reason for this season…

Yesterday at the Market was a successful day..the dolls were flying off the table ..talking to each and everyone that passed by…take me..no..take me..and it must have worked cause I got to get buzy making the donuts…and my daddy always told me..advertising was best by word of mouth and it truly is…a repeat customer sent me five new customers and they’re coming back after Christmas to see what I have come up with for the new year…No Pressure..LOL!!!!!

i wish to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me and making me a better self…your daily support for my blog..your encouragement in my new adventure..and just plain being out there for me and with me…couldn’t have done it without you…

Lets do this New Year coming up…great big…TOGETHER…

Oh..the squirrel was such a hit…a lady has ordered one for the new year…too funny..I think she thought I had an assembly line like Santa and made a bunch..cause she ask..where are all the squirrels?…too funny…I told her I would definitely have one by the first Saturday we were back at the market..

i even got a lady that wants me to make her a batch of fudge…she tried to buy my whole bucket yesterday..so I gave her about ten pieces to share with her family..took my card and said..i’ll be calling you…

it was just a wonderful day yesterday…lots of give away treats in every booth…what a great team we have…

thats all I got….sending you the most wonderful day of the year…and again….



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