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Crazy town all week folks…

PeCaPeCa…yep..you know it…Christmas can last for a couple weeks and that’s what this week will be …Raleigh Crowd coming in today…Wanchese Crowd later this week..You gotta love on your family when you can…

Our Jack n the Box Christmas was smooth sailing…Daddy got his new shoes…they fit great…the only thing I told him was..when he got ready to walk out the door for church to make sure he didn’t feel like he was going to die so I could take the shoes back and get the money…too funny…our standing rib roast was perfection and then we took a trip to the Farm to visit with the Banks…Bella loved her skunk butt and bone from Santa..Santa and I got dollars from daddy..it was an awesome thankful Christmas…

and on Bella  and I walk..she found me a prize…I first thought she was eating a terd so I yelled at her and got closer it was a turtle shell..oh I was so excited..my creative mind started thinking of a doll…morbid you say..oh you just wait..peeps will buy anything ..I have found out…just you wait and see…I even got a first line of his story or her..hello my name is Fred..I once was dead..LOL!

heres some pics…of shoes..shell..and Bella’s stuff…

And my Santa got all dressed up in his red for me…image

and Lily got my chair for a day..and some expensive cat food…image

and Pearl got her new hair”..love this new stuff for my dolls…

And the most perfect pic for Christmas is a child with the boxes and paper n bows after its all over…our Jeese Wayne…image

thats all I got…sending you a great aftermath…


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