Way Late today….

PeCooPeCoo…if you forgot that’s good afternoon in peacocken talk…yes..I was on a mission this morning to take the tree down and get some deep cleaning done…My Santa was a huge help..now I’m on laundry duty cause I got weekend get away planned..gettin my hair did and visit with the Raleigh crowd and work on Amy L. And i’s new project for the new year…these things are going to be AWESOME…my deal with the dolls are as you know to make you smile with much success in that and My Amy L. Deal with her craft is to inspire your life to great things…and together we have created…Fairies and Elfins from the HEARTLANDS…combining our two crafts together..we are hoping for Smiles and Inspiration in your Life…it all comes our Heart to Yours…fairies_2011

yesterday was CrazyTown up in the Jack n the Box…a mighty fine lunch of cream a dried beef…laughter..fun and a fun trip to the farm to bring more CrazyTown …it was an awesome day…

And it still ain’t over…my Wanchese Crowd is coming up Thursday and yes I still have a tree up for them…lights on it too…cause my grand babies are to special not to…image

And look at this sweet pic..three generations of Wayne’s..that would be Goodegg..his dad..and of course our sweet Jeese Wayne..image


Well…that’s all I got…sending you that special moment in your given day…


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