Hump Day..already…

PeCaPeCa…..well all my work is done and I even started cleaning my craft room..and today is payday…Wally World we come…

look what my sister Gail and sweet Gavin gave me for Christmas…Gavin was so cute…as soon as I drove up in the farm he come..Aunt Deborah I got you a,present…he was so proud…and excited…he said I went shopping in nannas closet…too funny…

And Mattie and rocky are into wood craving…they made me a hiking stick…lov it..


I am truly loved by my sweet family….thank you

tomorrow is Christmas Wanchese Crowd is coming in to spend a minute with everybody…I’m ready to see them….

then Friday I’m going to get my hair did…and work on the new creation with Amy L.

thats all I got…sending you a happy hump day🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ




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