Joyous Day…

PeCaPeCa… Wanchese Family is coming in today…looking forward to,seeing and touching them..I think lil Santa is bringing me some Christmas green…

and I worked on my Girl Squirrel yesterday..Cute..I might say…

now im working on a lady bug…it was meant to be…Fred has turned into a ladybug like a catipillar turns into a butterfly…wait and see

tomorrow I will be on the road..going to get my hair did…

ok..I did something that I didn’t realize I did til yesterday…I killed one of my sister Gail’s lil trees…as I was leaving the farm..instead of backing up ..I drove forward and I thought I heard something go crunch thought it was just a stick but I soon found out via text that it was a lil tree…I’m so sorry…planning on replacing it in the spring…again I’m sorry…

well…that’s all I got..sending you a thrilling Thursday….


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