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Great Christmas Day…

PeCaPeCa…I love an extended Christmas…My Wanchese Family came yesterday and we had a great FAMILYTIME…Taylor …Owen and I spent a good hour in the craft room..it was a magical time…my craft room is now called the Heartland for Elfins n Fairies…it doesn’t matter how old or how young..you can get loss in the fantasy world at Grannies…they loved the new ideas that Amy L. And I have come up with…I read each poem to them..you could see in their eyes..they got it..oooo’s and Ahhh’s from their sweet mouths…for that hour we were loss in our own time…I will never forget this memory…

Today I will be traveling to see the Raleigh Crowd…got my new stuff packed to be put in their new homes of enchantment..can’t hardly wait…

And I finished Ladybug Mary…she is awesome…and I learned a few interesting facts about ladybugs…never to old to learn…Amy is already working on her book…

Ladybug Mary with spots of black

she has an interesting fact

Sorrows she carries on her back

it maybe seven or less but she will do her best

to lighten your sorrows and brighten your tomorrow’s.

yep that’s Fred Dead turtle shell..his has transformed into a ladybug…

thats all I got…sending you a fabulous Friday…..



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