PeCooPeCoo…I am so late but when you’re out of town..the norm is out the window…

two puppies..and a dog set in her ways…and then theres Winnie dog ..that thinks she weighs five pounds..NOT..about one twenty five…and a baby..three grown ass children and three adults..put all that in a room and what you get is CrazyTown…what a blast…and all you want to is craft…not happening til all that clears out…but Amy L. And I managed to put our Elfins n Fairies in their boxes..around midnight and Amy L. Told me not to post a pic..cause you got to come to the Market on January 7th for the big debut..I hope it’s not like Black Friday with you fighting to get you one…cause they are Stinken cute….

i will post a pic of Sunshine Katy..I made her today..she isn’t in her box yet so it’s ok for you to see like the others…Sunshine Katy with her hugs and greetings and that sweet southern smile…makes you want to stay awhile…soo on your next day of being blue..always know sunshine Katy is there for you…


now I am working on the boy squirrel and Amy L. Is working on the adoption books..omg!..lots of secrets in them…you know our Amy L. Goes that extra ump!…we are both so excited about our joint adventure…

thats all I got..sending you a super new year…eve…for us we are making the to you next year…


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