PeCaPeCa….Yes…you heard it hear…No Bread..No Milk at the stores…I seen it with my own eyes on Facebook…LOL!..well..luckily I got mine last week…

Dont know what we are in store for but I’m ready for the Market just in case the weatherman is wrong…hope we can get out n bout..

Lets see…what did I do yesterday…Oh!…I did my laundry..swept the kitchen floor and made Black n White and Buddy the Gardner…


working on Miss Tetely Tea….with me…

hoping I got a good start on new things for the new year…lets see..I got a new dolls…and I have freshened up my wardrobe.i think that ought to do things up great big…

Our JeeseWayne turned one…and I must say the family did him up right for the first one…too cute


Thats all I got….sending you a safe Friday…snow or not….


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