PeCaPeCa…the weather has warmed up and it’s drizzling rain…nice day to to get some clay first…cause I have been buzy making the donuts and already out of clay..hope there’s a coupon…

i have an idea in my head for yet another…Elfin …he is in charge of keeping all the glow on the fairies n Elfins…I have made him a torch and a cute Crown…got all his stuff ready …I’m excited about him cause he’s my first brown elfin…yes there is color in my fantasy world…

And my new friend..Marylin went to New Orleans for the holidays..she’s the one that twelve of my Christmas Elfies…and she made a new friend there in the bayou…

i thank her for sharing some of her trip with me…image

Oh..I almost forgot…here’s Polly…Fairiy…

Daddys Doc appointment went ok…waiting to do another upper see what that ulcer is doing in there…other than that …he is still upright…his words not mine…

and that’s all I got….sending you great things on your Hump Day given….



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