Quite a good day…

PeCaPeCa…I went straight to the Family Dollar Store yesterday and found some left over Christmas decor for 75 o/o off..and Home I went to Craft…I said I wasn’t going to make any Valentines but I chose to do two..Mr.Love and Kiss-a-me…as a pair or separate…and I finished Ted Torch…

And no I didn’t have to buy clay..I used what’s I had…

and my friend Kim came by with a bag full of good crap…I just love it when a crafter decides to let go…I reap the rewards..she and Amy L. Are quite good at letting go…and I of course get all the goodies…sooo if you are cleaning out your craft stuff or just cleaning out some broke jewelry or that one earring that you are not going to find the other..just drop the stuff on my porch…my names is Jimmie..take anything you  gimmie…

and the happy clown made it to its new home..my Mona..she collects clowns which I had forgot..she loves him…I told it was a reminder that I was there everyday to give her a balloon cause she is Deserving…and loved..image

this is why I do what I do…to make you smile everyday when you have one of my dolls hanging  around…

ok…I got a short story for you…about humility…when I was younger and waitressing in my teens..there was a girl that use to come in and would literally aggravate the crap out of me…I treated her with no respect…life went on…like fifty years later..I came back in contact at BoJangles…still aggravating but I always tried to speak to her and show her some respect…well…yesterday…she ask me for a ride home…and you know the story about God and a car…I have kept my promise on that one…anyway..I have never been so humbled by her…her ride that she has always depended on had his license taken away at the ripe old age of ninety three…she was like a bag lady trying to get in my car..struggling to even raise her leg to get in..so I explained to her..put all that stuff down and consentrate on just getting in safely…slow down cause I got plenty of time…My heart melted for her…so you see..God has a plan and it took fifty years but I see great big now….I will always ask her if she needs a ride…

thats all I got…sending you that moment in time of an act of kindness in your day


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