Successful Market Day…for Deb-er-K

PeCaPeCa……no one could wipe the happy off me yesterday…my setup was amazing and so was my day…I looked good..I felt good and my Elfins n Fairies were hanging and standing proudly…it just all worked for us…sold one of my adoptive’s going to a lady that will be ninety years old this week in Virgina ….how kool is that…and then Penny in the swing which lights up..sold first thing that morning…I was so excited…EVERYONE..I mean EVERYONE…oooood and ahhhed over me and my new stuff…I just beamed…did I say..I was sooooo excited for the beginning of our new year….awesome Day….

today Amy L. And I are going to meet half way and exchange our stuff…she’s got tags and books ready and I have crap for’s a good way to make this team up work..I get to see and touch her and get some good stuff…Daddy has chose not to ride this time..I don’t think he liked our choice if food this trip…LOL!..

i thank all who keeps me going on this new journey…if it wasn’t for my support system..which is you…I don’t think it would all work…soooo..great big THANK YOU..

thats all I got….sending you a Super Sunday given…



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