PeCaPeCa…’s Monday..and I’m ready for my week to begin…Life is good in the Jack n the Box…

Yesterdays meeting with Amy L. Was fun..we shopped and swapped…and enjoyed our couple hours together…I found some clay that was on sale at JoAnn’s and some beautiful brown glittering tutle..and yes..I left my goodies in Amy L. Car…so that glittering clay n tutle will have to wait to be used..LOL!…

My Amy L. Starts her new job tomorrow…I wish her the best day..and I always go back to what my Sister Gail said to her one day…Who wouldn’t like Amy….she’ll be just fine in her new environment and they will be better by her presents…Good Amy L. And enjoy this day off…

well..Fairies n Elfins are in my dreams and they want to be made known…so I will be a crafting some today…

thats all I got….sending you the greatest of Monday’s…


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