It’s Friday….

PeCaPeCa…it’s Friday and closer to Market day..I’m excited…got new dolls to show and its Shriner to see them come to town…always have..I use to have the greatest time at the corner grill when they came with all their glory…hopeful..the wether is good for them…and us…

made one more doll..MissMagnolia…image

i have ten new dolls..that I haven’t put out yet…really have a few more than that..waiting on some books and tags…

today is alittle housecleaning day…can’t let that go to the wayside..must keep up with the cleaning…as you well can get out of hand…

Daddy is still doing great…still upright…so that’s a good thing..he made a cake yesterday for his BoTime friends…black walnut..not my bag..I hate the taste of black walnuts…😝…

Well..I don’t have to take daddy to BoTime..his friend buster is picking him up…BUT…Bella still has to go for her run…

thats all I got sending the a great Friday….


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