Laundry Day….

PeCaPeCa…first off..I would like to wish my daughter in law..Jen..A happy Bday yesterday…all my family likes their two seconds of fame on the blog…sorry I missed putting it on here yesterday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very sweet girl… is laundry day and I really enjoy doing my laundry but winter clothes are not my bag..heavy and a lot of them…UGH!!!

no Elfins n fairies this week..none are trying to get out..I’m still alittle yucky feeling and no it’s not my heart..I think my blood pressure is out of wacky…

so my creativity is off…not even PorchTime can help it out…LOL!..I always get ask that..if I smoke before I create…NO…I do not…LOL!…it’s all natural brain power..

we got a surprize visit from Gail ..Olivia..Gavin n Paula last night..they brought me a surprise…peacock tights…oh boy…can’t wait til Saturday to wear them if they fit…

i am so blessed with a great family…

thats all I got…sending you the bestest Tuesday…





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