Happy Hump Day….

PeCaPeCa….Laundry DONE…today is vaccuming day..and toilet duty…

what you going to do on your Happy Hump Day?…lol..

Well..in April I’m hoping to take a trip to see My Just Ben…saving my dollars…He’s excited that his mama’s coming to town..I’m excited to see my just Ben…it’s been awhile since he’s been Home…

i had the weirdest dream..end of the world kind…everybody turned into these flying things and run into each other and exploded..woke me up…kinda dream..

something on my mind…I spoke before I thought at something awhile back..and immediately..apologized and thought everything was OK..with the friendship..and I saw this person the other day and was treated rather badly…it has bothered me ever since so I contacted this person again and apologized again..hoping all was ok..no response…so..here’s what I know…if you hang on to that bad stuff..you are not empty to recieve…the good…your life will not move forward…done all I know to do…sad that things can’t be right again..

not that I make or break their day…

anyway…life goes on…

thats all I got….sending you an awesome Happy Hump Day….


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