“They Say”….

PeCaPeCa…whoever they is say never to make candy on a rainy humid day is correct..I made six batches yesterday and all turned out but two…the weather diffently has alittle to do with it….you can still eat those two but it extra soft…anyway..I’m ready with my candy for Saturday at the Valentines Marlet Day…

Still feeling not worth a toot but I’m not ready for the graveyard…and not so bad a doc would be involved…just feel like a rotten tomato….

Took me a nice Hot bath..oh..that does feel good…now I’m going to go lay down and rest….

dont even feel like going to the Sally Store…now you know I feel bad when that happens…

thanx to Buster for taking daddy to BoTime this week…he’s a good friend to me and my daddy…he’s alittle quirky but aren’t we all…lol!

when you call someone your friend..you except all of them…did you know that?…I think we use friend word to loosely…and being a Christian loosely…wwjd….ask yourself that the next time…you are in a predicament….always stand tall for Jesus and your friend….

thats all I got…sending you a awesome Thursday…



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