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PeCaPeCa…feeling a wee bit better….so you know I’m going to be at the Market…whether I am or not….when I worked with daddy…there were no sick days…and I guess it is instilled in me today….got to go to work…

i just won’t breathe on anybody….

Today I have to make a run to the pig and dollar store….we are having steak n cheese subs for sup and my lil boy friends are coming to the market tomorrow..got to pick them up something…they always look forward to coming to my booth…Their Grannie D tries to have them something special on the holidays…

my lil Valentines…

havent choosen who will be picked to go tomorrow…they are all just hanging out…waiting to be put in the crates…Screaming…pick me..no..pick me….

yes..I am crazy and very proud to be called that….Lol…

ok…that’s all I got….sending you a fabulous Friday….


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