What a Beautiful Sunday……

PeCaPeCa…we are so blessed in New Bern to wake up to this beautiful Sunday…I Say…Amen!…

yesterdays Market was a buzzing with lots of peeps…I wasn’t feeling my best but I put on my happy face and made it through…I had a couple sales and saw some sites..here’s a pic of just one…it was worse in front and I knew if I took a frontal..she would catch me…I just don’t understand peeps that look at themselves and say…oh..I’m Hot today…it’s always a show at the market….got to love the public…and trust me..this is a mild site….image

I have a special prayer request…a friend and coworker of My Just Ben’s was seriously injured at work..Ben works in a steel mill and a very dangerous place…all jobs has their hazards but this place is got alittle extra..they have to be alert and on it at all times…the guy was crushed and rushed to hospital..don’t know is update..but would like a special prayer for him and his family…I pray for my boys safety all the time..but life does have its downs…please keep them all in your prayers for me….

Today Santa and I are going to take a ride in this magnifacent Sunday given….

thats all I got…sending you that magnifacent Sunday moment…


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