PeCaPeCa….wow..what a beautiful Sunday Morning…what to do?…just live it to its fullest…please…

im having another relaps on this dang bug thing..I think I’m better and then Bam..feeling bad again…UGH!…not letting stop me on this day given…

yesterdays market was a pretty good one..sold two never fails..I sell one that I’ve had forever..sold them cheap..I guess that’s why they sold …lol…anyway..a dollar is a dollar…Amy and I were hoping to meet today but I think that’s off..she’s got the bug also…maybe one Sunday we can take that ride…need some new stuff…from her..

ok..I’m just saying…it must have been women looking like men yesterday…they were some rough looking women..the kind that could whip your a”…I stayed quiet and just stared…it’s was a fun day in silence…lol

saw a lot of camel toes..please stop wearing leggings without a shirt to cover your personals…i don’t care if you are a size two or twenty two…I don’t need to see that..and men..stop wearing shorts that are two sizes to little..we all know what we all got down there…maybe it’s just me…and how I was raised…daddy would send you home….

shoot..I didn’t wear shorts til I was in my twenties cause my family made fun of my legs…

on a better note…today is going to be a great day spite..the BUG…😜

Thats all I got…sending you a Magnifacent day….



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