Who Ya!!!!!!!!!!Its Friday

PeCaPeCa…going to be a great day…and tomorrow even better cause it’s Market Day..got all the peeps packed and they are ready…the temps are going to be in the seventies..what a great day to stroll downtown and a stop at the Market…full house of vendors….even got a great food truck in the lot….sooooo…hope to see ya…oh..and its madi gra at the market..come get you some beads…if I can find some….

ok..I didn’t mean to worry some of you yesterday…I just having something on my mind and heart…I know I can’t worry about things of life that are going to happen…the Jack n the Box is just fine..just need alittle prayer for my peace of mind…thank you for your concern…it’s all OK…

well.. In about a month and a week..I am going to get to see and touch My Just Ben and family..it’s been awhile…lets just say..I’m hoping this will happen..I don’t know who will be more disappointed…just Ben or me…NO!negative…ALL positive thoughts and prayers…I’m excited and I have even managed to save me some dollars for the trip….counting my blessings…I am favored…

and its about time I go take a ride to my JonBoy’s and family…have to make a plan..

thats all I got..feeling pretty good today…sending you good vibes for your Friday…




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