Hump Day is Here..

PeCaPeCa..and all is well in the Jack n the Box…

I finished my Paris dolls and they are tooo cute…Amy L. Is working on the book..I wrote my poem..the doll for the daughter gets the book is the poem for her..

Hi..I am Simone’

I am your very own

with me you will never be alone..

always wear or share alittle sparkle in your day..

to keep bad things away…that’s what what my mama use to say…

And this is the doll for Sarah…

I love it….

this Saturday at the market I wil have all new dolls hanging..I got their new name tags and they are so excited for their debut…thanx Amy l.

daddy is feeling much much better…I think I have nursed it quite well…

thats all I got…oh… I saw Batman riding the roads this morning..I swear..that’s was kool to see…

thats all I got…sending you a very merry happy hump day…


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