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It’s a good day….


IPeCaPeCa…it’s going to be a good day…it’s Friday…may get some rain but I don’t care…

I sure got a great surprize in the mail yesterday…short story..Amy L. Has these sunglasses she buys or gets as gifts..I always get her old ones when she gets new ones..I guard them with my life cause that ain’t no dollar sunglasses…I love them..well..I was careless one Sunday and left mine at someone’s home and they were confiscated..I stressed alittle  and quickly moved on…so I went back to my cheaper ones…no biggie…THEN..I got a package in the mail…my very own..never been worn..brand spanking new Brighton Sunglasses..OMG!…I guess it’s true..you have to have alittle bad to know what GOOD feels like…they are awesome..and I will be stylin and profiling these for a very long time…Amy L. You rock and I love you very much..thank you thank you thank you…

i won’t give up so easily on these…

today I will be packing my dolls for tomorrow’s market..make sure you make a plan to stroll through for the new..

thats all I got…sending you an awesome day….


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