Love..My Sunday Mornings…

PeCaPeCa…’s time to fall forward…I slept til 7:30 according to the clock but it’s really still 6:30in my body…it does play with your sleeping cycle…anyway..we go by the law and do it

well..yesterday’s market was a dud selling for me but Amy L. Did pretty good…you know I always have a good time regardless…cause you know what?…I got a huge surprize …JUANTIA walked in the door….my forever friend and co worker of the corner grill days…it was so great to see her and I thank her for being a better friend than me…great memories…and I’m sure we all have a story to tell about those days..

Gues what else? She don’t wear fingernail polish anymore…I was shocked..too funny..

its snowing!..first time the weather person got it right since skippy died…

i guess it’s going to be a hot chocolate and pj day…

thats all I got…sending you a marvelous day given….


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