PeCaPECa…mighty cold and windy out there…didn’t take Bella long to do her business..she is diffently an inside dog…

worked on Dusty yesterday…all I need is a mop bucket which I will get today…she’s the cleaning fairy that we all wish we had…Lol!

well..our trip is getting closer…the seventh of April..sooo excited..daddy is still planning to go..My Just Ben wanted to know if anything happens to daddy while we on the road ..what we gonna like the national lampoons vacation…remember that..when that tied her on top of the car…he’s too funny…

i cooked a really good supper last night..roast pork loin real mashed taters..colllards and yeast rolls…yummy!…oh and some corner grill gravy

tinight is hamburgers and fries…not Daddys favorite…but it is what it is…

thats all I got cause I’m running out of time….sending you a warm spot in your windy day


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