PeCaPeCa…first day of Spring…they say…let the growing begin..inside and out…

Great Sunday spent with Santa and Goodegg and Amy L. And of course our Jeese Wayne…and according to a friend..I wasn’t married til 2001..and we aren’t sure about the date..eeither…soo…I know we got married and it’s still FUN…anyway…

You’ll have to make a plan to come see the new stuff Amy L. Has done…cute..cute..and more cute…Easter surprizes…kid friendly stuff..priced so you can afford to get your kid or you or someone special a thinking if you gift..really..Amy L. And I know it’s hard when come to a place like be able to buy everyone something to remember their experience..I guarantee you can afford these sweet gifts…and we maybe expanding to two tables AND Amy L. May make an appearance..that would be a special treat…the creator of such cute things on site…LOL!

well…I spent the rest of my Sunday getting to know my adoptive fairies and their cute books..boxed them up and they are ready for their debut… lie here…I had a fairy hanging and her name is LOVIE…and she had been missing her name tag for quite awhile…and when I pinned it to her..she started swinging side to side in happiness…I swear…it was too cute…

i am so happy with this new adventure…the adoptive boxes and books are unbelievable CUTE…

Are they not the cats meow…

thats all I got cause I got a list of things to get done…sending the greatest of first day of Spring….



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